After a tumultuous week a crew finally pulled itself together for the 11th annual University Boat Races, excellently hosted as always by Queen’s University Belfast and the Cutter’s Wharf.

First up was the Novice men; having pushed hard off the start with their advantage and opened up a slight lead on their Northern Counterparts, they held an advantage of nearly 1.5 lengths coming around the final bend but Queen’s having the inside line they powered away from the Magpie, taking the race by the horns in the final 500 meters. The crew bemoaned a couple of rough strokes they had which allowed Queen’s to move back on them and so will be continuing on how to keep their composure and “sit-up” when ahead.

The Senior race was yet again an an absolute thriller having won the Toss we this year chose the Antrim side, a choice that mid race no doubt we cursed ourselves for.

Having the inside line on off the start the Trinity 8+ went out into a lead of about 2 lengths of clear water, but we knew that this might not prove to be enough as Queen’s would have bend after bend in their favour. through the second to last bridge Trinity clung onto their lead but queens kept pushing and around the last bend queens came level and our 2 length lead dissolved into about 3/4s of a length, Queens’ 8 seeing us for the first time since the start poured on the pressure, but Trinity kept their cool heads in the final 500 metres and hung in to win by ¼ of a length.

Many thanks to all the sponsors, coaches and athletes that made the event possible and well-rowed Trinity!