DUBC is Going Professional

Why DUBC needs you to join the team:

Because we believe that DUBC can be the most successful university boat club in Ireland and the UK. And, we think that you do too.

Because DUBC has a long tradition of innovating to succeed. And our ambition to win is shared by all of us who’ve been part of the club at all levels.

Because it is time to think big and to turn this club into the hardest working, best resourced, most ambitious club in Ireland and the UKK.

How we can achieve our ambition

The top UK and US university boat clubs have professional coaching teams. Those universities fund the coaching through major fundraising programmes. It is time for us to do the same and to commit to putting a professional coaching team in place at DUBC.

This team will consist of a Chief Coach and a Development Coach who will have volunteer support from friends of DUBC and Lizzie.

Trinity College Dublin’s new vision for sport means concentrating on those sports clubs most likely to succeed. DUBC is one of those clubs. Specifically, if DUBC can raise 50% of its coaches’ fund, Trinity will match it.

Achieving this aim will be another landmark moment in DUBC’s long tradition of innovating and will reignite the spirit of collaboration of all associated with the club, past and present.

What we can do to make it happen

You can be part of this plan to help DUBC crews compete and win by contributing on the new fundraising section of www.duboatclub.com or by emailing us.

We have four funds for you to choose from:

  1. Chief Coach Fund: 15 people donating €1,250 or £1,000 or $2,000 per year by January 2015.
  2. Development Coach Fund: 25 people at €750 or £600 or $1,200 per year by August 2015.
  3. Equipment Fund: 300 people at €250 or £200 or $500 per year by December 2016.
  4. Special Projects Fund: Alongside the Chief Coach Fund, Development Coach Fund and Equipment Fund we have a Special Projects Fund for all contributions that do not fit the other 3 funds. They range from cents to millions of euro.

Note, the Chief Coach Fund required a 4-year commitment from 2014 to 2017 and we have that in place. However, additional donations or 2018 to 2021 pledges for the Chief Coach Fund are welcome. The Development Coach Fun and Equipment Fund will be an ongoing commitment with options for the donor to move up to the Chief Coach Fund or down to the Equipment Fund as appropriate.

If you have any questions, please email – appeals@dubc-rowing.org