After gaining valuable racing experience at London Metropolitan regatta, two crews were sent to
this year’s Henley Royal Regatta. A 4+ was sent to compete in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup and
an 8+ was sent to compete in the Temple Challenge Cup.
With the cancellation of London HOR leading to relatively little overseas racing, both crews were
required to qualify through the qualifying races on Friday the 23 rd of June. Fortunately, both crews
managed to qualify, despite very large entries in both events.
Both crews had their first race on Wednesday. For 10/12 members of the squad, this was their first
experience of racing at Henley. The 4+ was first to compete, and they were drawn against Deerfield
College U.S.A. The crew were well aware of the strength of the opposition and what it would take to
beat them. After being slightly down off the start, the Trinity crew did really well to keep calm and
stay in the race. It was a thrilling race with both crews neck and neck the whole way down the
course. Coming into the enclosures, it was too tight to call with both crews giving it everything. In
the end, it was Deerfield who came away with the win with a margin of 4 feet. The Trinity crew was
disappointed but could walk away proud having fought hard against a strong Deerfield crew.
The Temple 8+ was racing shortly afterwards against a crew from Pembroke College Oxford. Again,
the crew knew that they had a tough test ahead. A strong start out of the blocks gave Trinity a lead
which they edged out to about a length. The experienced Pembroke crew did not give in however,
and pushed the crew to the line, with a final margin of ¾ of a length. The next race would be on
thursday against University of California, Berkeley, and the crew knew the challenge that faced
them. Despite their best efforts the crew was well beaten by a strong and experienced crew from
After being knocked out, both crews stayed until the Saturday to watch the 1977 Ladies’ Plate Crew
row-over the course. Afterwards, the crews met with alumni and others at ‘The Barrel’ in Butler’s
Field where a very enjoyable night was had by all.

The entire squad was very thankful for all the fundraising that had been done to allow them to have
this great experience in Henley. The squad is also very grateful to Reading Blue Coat School who
allowed us to use their facilities to train after we were knocked out and even provided a complimentary lunch. Both crews left Henley proud of their performance and having gained valuable race experience and were very grateful to have had the opportunity to race in Henley and represent DUBC. All races from HRR can be watched on YouTube and the results of races including times can be accessed on the HRR website.

By Brian Cronin, 2 seat, Temple VIII