Current Members

The target audience of these pages is current and former members of Dublin University Boat Club. Some of the pages are password protected, these are marked with a red asterisk. The username and password are shared freely around the club.

Club Constitution

Standing Orders (Novices)*

General notes to all incoming members of the club on how we conduct ourselves as members of the Dublin University Boat Club.

The following are notes on the sport from the DUBC Novice website from back in ’99 (yes the internet existed back then), when most of you were still wetting the bed (apologies to those who still are, hopefully you’ll grow out of it!) They are intended as guidelines for those of you who wish to find out more about the sport. These are not meant to replace any form of coaching you receive; that means listen to your coach, not some website!

One Chief and eight Indians, remember? Coxing is tough in a different way. Even if you’re a rower, give this a read and understand how difficult their jobs are. They only shout because you make them.

An outline of the type of technique DUBC tries to implement.

Learn about the subtle differences in technique that occur when you double the amount of oars used.