Blessington Camp

Blessington Training Camp
Date: 04/01/2013
Duration: 5 days
Venue: Blessington

DUBC Scullers

The main aim of the camp was to improve confidence, boatsmanship and overall technique within the second year novice squad. With DUBC having a senior and intermediate squad this year the second year novices have struggled to get time on the water in sculls, so having all boats available allowed us to get, lots of mileage under our belts as we enter 2013. Massive improvements were made by all the athletes, which was accelerated by the fact that the lake was unusually claim and dry, although very cold and icy. Many thanks must go to Micheal Ryder and Peter Wolfe whose combined expertise were critical to the success of the camp, and will most certainly stand to us as we enter the new season.