Our boathouse is in Islandbridge just outside Dublin City near Heuston station and easily accessible by bus, bicycle, or car. Most of our boats are kept here as well as housing a gym with Concept 2 and RP3 rowing machines as well as a tank for rowing. It is within the National War Memorial Gardens and next to the Phoenix park which also provides ample opportunities for running. As well as rowing, we hold various social occasions here too including the Trial VIIIs ball and Trinity Regatta meals. Built in the late 19th century, it is a fine architectural masterpiece of its time that has been our current home for over 120 years.



Located approximately a forty minute drive from Dublin, we share a boathouse with the other rowing clubs in Dublin here just outside the village. Blessington is a fantastic lake, much larger than Islandbridge, it is big enough to facilitate serious miles, as well as racing in the summer.

Sports Centre

Right on campus, we have slotted access to a dedicated weights room, as well as club only fleet of Concept 2 and Row Perfect rowing machines, and access to the public gym that has a full selection of free weights, spin bikes, exercise machines etc.